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Welcome to Bishop Street & the Fountain

This site aims to showcase the social, cultural and industrial heritage of the Bishop Street and Fountain (and broader) communities in a way which ‘opens’ up both communities for locals and tourists alike to enjoy and educate themselves via the resources within.

Many tourists travel to the city annually and visit the city’s popular attractions and sights, but very few venture further afield than the city centre. This project aims to encourage visitors to broaden their cultural horizons and enjoy what both communities have to offer. The site includes listings of, and links to, all the businesses and organisations located in the greater area as well as a useful guide to the area’s tourist spots and any interesting activities available.

Image galleries of both communities over the generations – highlight the dramatic change in the local environment as the city went through the decades – from the ‘Old City’ to the early ‘War Years’ to the ‘Troubles’ and the subsequent ‘Peace Process’ – to the present day. We reveal the history of these areas and how it unfolded in the context of the city’s own narrative, how the resilient and talented people from these communities went on to influence our city’s story.

We hope you find the content within interesting and enlightening and you are inspired to visit these areas to see for yourself the rich heritage and culture they hold.

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Project Funded By

  • NIHE
  • Gasyard Centre

Get In Touch

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